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Colt is the product to really help delay male ejaculations, it is a very efficient male genital desensitizer.
Colt comes in the form of a liquid spray and it’s especially made to control men premature ejaculation and extend the act of love making. Just spray 3 to 5 times around the penis’s head and on the back of the penis’s head. Colt fights again hypersensitivity and brings back self-control with a better erection. Colt gives you the total freedom to enjoy sexual pleasures. The creator gave life to men and colt made them equal!

Bottle of 15gr that lasts around 150 sprays.
Approved by Health Canada with a NPN number: EN-151856
The strongest Benzocaine formula of the market
Latex Condom compatible
Made in Canada

Active ingredients:
Benzocaine 7.5% W/W (7.0 mg per application)Active ingredient:
Inactive ingredients:
Propanediol, Ethyl Alcohol, Flavour (Aroma)

Use: Desensitizer for male genitals

Goal: Helps to prolong the time until ejaculation by reducing the excessive male sensitivity. The quantity used and the timing may vary with individual requirements but the necessary number of sprays and waiting time are normally the ones suggested. Use the minimum suggested quantity. Wash carefully after intercourse

Warning: For external use only: Keep out of the reach of children. Do not get into eyes: In case of contact with eyes, rinse with water. Do not inhale. Do not exceed 24 sprays in 24 hours.

Stop using it and consult a doctor if:  This product used as directed does not relieve. You or your partner develops a rash or irritation such as burning or itching. The rapid ejaculation may require medical supervision.

Other information: Store below 25°C (77°F). Colt lasts for approximately 150 doses.

To help you maintain a good sexual health... Read how to use the condom as safely as possible!:
The worst enemy of condoms is dryness, so you need to moist it before use. So here is a reminder for the proper use of condoms;
1- Better to use a lubricated condom, but even lubricated, it is always wise to use a water base lubricant at the same time, so please still do the following
2- Put a few drops inside the condom before unfolding it.
3- Put a few drops on the outside of the condom once unfolded

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