Double Sided Furry Paddle

Double Sided Furry Paddle

$99.95 CAD
Brand: Rouge
Product Code: 5060404817067

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Product Description

A fuzzy, certainly sexy tool for perfect for particularly playful couples, the Furry Paddle from Rouge is a classic enhanced, packing the potential for teasing tickles OR stinging slaps, depending on the scenario at hand.

Boasting a classic shape, the Furry is nice and lightweight in hand, easy to swing, flick, and flip. Drag the super-soft fuzzy side over your partner's skin for a perfect tickle/tease before switching to the firm faux leather side for little/a lot more spank drama. 

The Double Sided Furry Paddle is approximately 13.75"/35cm long and 3"/7.6" at widest. Spot clean as needed.

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