ElectraStim Suriglube 10 pack

ElectraStim Suriglube 10 pack

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Surgilube is a popular lubricant used by medical professionals. It's a sterile lube that has been formulated to be bacteriostatic to keep play more hygienic. This is a Sterile Lubricant suitable for medical play, urethra probes etc.

The clear jelly solution is thick and long lasting to assist insertion, making it ideal for use with anal sex toys and urethral probes.

An absolute must-have for clean, safe, comfortable play, and particularly essential for urethral penetration, ElectraStim's Sterile Lubricant is perfectly suited to use with all the electrifying accessories in this exciting line.

Each sachet provides a single dose of lubricant, containing enough for use with a single insertable electrode. Contains chlorohexidine.

Contains: 10 packets of 3g each

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