Electro-Sex Kit with Stim Pads

Electro-Sex Kit with Stim Pads

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We don't think anyone will disagree with the following statement: vibrating sex toys are amazing. We love them, you love them, everybody loves them. But sometimes, maybe you're not in the mood for vibration. Maybe you're looking for seriously unique stimulation and a sensation that vibration just can't deliver. Electricity is the answer!

The Electro-Sex Kit with Stim Pads from Lux Fetish sends controlled pulses of electricity through four adhesive pads. Wherever they're placed on your or your partner's body, the pads plus tingly electrostimulation will arouse and thrill sweet spots. The four included pads can be used in tons of creative, customized ways to literally electrify foreplay, bdsm scenarios, sex and self love. 

Thanks to a handheld controller featuring a bright LCD screen and simple buttons, you'll be able to control the intensity of the pleasure-charge. There are ten speeds of pulsing stimulation, ten power levels and three possible patterns to choose from. Just a note: start off on the lowest setting, especially if you've never played with electro stimulation devices before. 
Please read through the included guide for detailed safety and usage instructions before using. Controller requires 2 AAA batteries (sold separately). NOT for use in or around water

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