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Rimba Metal & Black Long Flogger

$79.95 CAD
Handle features sensuous ribbing that makes these floggers a treat to use. The soft sensuous black suede tails are great for warming up but can offer more of bite when used with a heavier hand.  Convenient chain wrist loop with snap to finish it off.Long Flogger Specs:Handle 8" longSuede tails 24" longoverall length 32" long..

Rimba Metal & Pink Suede Flogger

$69.95 CAD
This sleek pink whip features a shiny metal handle with detachable retaining bracelet. It is 52cm long and has a large amount of leather strings for spanking pleasure. Handle 17.78 cm longSuede tails 35.56 cm longoverall length 52cm longMade in Holland by Rimba..

Short Purple Suede Flogger

$45.95 CAD
When you just want a little something to keep things in line, this small, soft leather flogger is just the ticket! Nicely weighted handle with soft and sensual suede falls. Complete with a suede swivel handle. Length is 13 3/4 inches (35 cm). Purple Made in The Netherlands by Rimba..

The Classic Flogger in Black & Red

$199.95 CAD $220.00 CAD
This classic leather flogger is a medium intensity impact toy with a moderate balance of sting and thud. They are highly accurate and versatile, with a solid counterbalanced handle. Leather classics offer a bit more sting then suede, and are a medium intensity piece perfect for any play space. This flogger is a go to for both beginner and adv..
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