Fly Trap Zippered Hood Mask

Fly Trap Zippered Hood Mask

$159.95 CAD
Brand: Rouge
Product Code: 5060404816732

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Let's boot the elephant out of the room right away, shall we? Rouge's Fly Trap Zippered Hood Mask looks (sexily!) intimating, which is exactly what you may or may not be looking for in a playtime accessory. Here's the thing though, it's actually extremely user friendly! If you're looking for a starter hood, or if you've got some dress-up/role-play experience and re after something a little different, this one's for you.

Giving you and your partner the choice of obscuring all or most of the face, the extra soft leather Fly Trap features cutouts for eyes and mouth, plus 2 riveted air holes at the nose. Over top, there are 2 full-face panels that can be zipped up in front of the base mask. Slip it over your/their head, customizing the fit using great looking corset style laces around back. 

If you're in the mood, the Mask includes an attached collar with a big D-ring for connection to a leash, tether or otherwise. 
Spot clean as needed using a good leather care product. Fits most.

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