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The Bondage Seductions Game Set

$39.95 CAD
Explore some of your darker fantasies with the Bondage Seductions game from Kheper Games.Included, you'll find 36 cards, which detail, explain and suggest bondage tactics and steamy situations that are ideal for both beginners and connoisseurs. Along with the cards, which can be played according to the included rules, or simply be picked at random,..

4Play! Game Set

$29.95 CAD
After a surefire way to add some extra playfulness, passion and (probably!) pleasure to your Valentine's night plans? Here it is!Inside the 4Play Game Set, you'll find all that's required to get nice and cozy in four very erotic ways. Games include Foreplay Fortune, Wheel of 4Play, 4Play dice and some super sexy 4Play Trivia. Full insturc..

50 Positions of Bondage

$14.95 CAD
A sizzling erotic card game for kink-loving mates that, aside from inspiring some seriously sexy scenarios all your own, creates a ready-made light bdsm scene to be acted out once a winner is determined, the 50 Positions of Bondage set belongs in any particularly playful couples collection.To play, you'll draw cards, deciding along the way which to..

Bedroom Commands Game

$14.95 CAD
A very sexy deck of definitely not standard cards, Bedroom Commands splits a pile of 108 cards into two piles, Dirty Daddy and Sexy Bitch. You can choose how to deal, play and call the activities on the cards, try hiding one somewhere in the house for your object of desire to find, or slyly conceal one in a briefcase, purse or wallet. The activitie..

Erotic Adult Suprise Bag

$39.95 CAD
We don't know about you, but our favourite part of the party was always the very end, when the loot bags got passed around! When you open up the Erotic Adult Surprise Bag, on the other hand, the (sexy) party will be just warming up.Inside this slightly naughty little kit, you and a favourite playmate will find a perfect collection of acce..

Intimate Encounters

$29.95 CAD
Regardless of how far into your relationship you are, KEEP DATING with the Intimate Rewards game. Earn Rewards Cards, such as; a romantic dinner, unique date night, or a massage by answering personal questions about each other. Redeem these rewards throughout the next few weeks for the thoughtful things you do for each other.Includes: A book with 3..

Just the 2 of Us Surprise Gift Bag

$39.95 CAD
Jam packed with playful romance staples and all boxed up in a gift-ready cardboard 'bag', Just the 2 of Us will very pleasantly surprise your object of desire and set the scene for a marvelous night to come (pun intended).Inside, the two of you will find an assortment of sexy, playful accessories. These may include a blindfold, some silky..

Let's F*ck! Dice Game

$14.95 CAD
A randy set of dice that set you up for a very sexy game of chance, the Let's F*ck Dice is a great way to bring lots of excitement into the bedroom (or kitchen, living room, office etc.). 4 pairs of dice, 2 in pink and 2 in blue plus a single die in silver make up this little love kit. She rolls both the pink and he the blue, after you've..

Massage Seduction

$39.95 CAD
SOLD OUT UNTIL FURTHER NOTICEAre you looking for ways to intensify your intimacy with a variety of massage methods? Bring sensual spa experiences home with this erotic massage kit. The kit offers 24 ways to seduce your lover tender and tantalizing massage techniques...

Sex Toys Seductions Game

$39.95 CAD
A sexy kit designed to delight fun-loving mates, the Sex Toys Seductions Pleasure Ring/Bullet Edition from Kheper Games collections presents a tons of erotic possibilities to explore together.Included in the kit, you'll find a 24 Seduction Cards detailing tips on and tricks for the included Pleasure Ring and Bullet. A versatile piece that's actual..

Spice It Up! Couples Game

$29.95 CAD
A sizzling card game perfect for adventurous lovers, Spice It Up contains a collection of sexual fantasies and playfully devious 'what if' scenarios. Play by picking a card at random, hiding a card of choice in an unexpected place or simply handing a mate a desired card in one of the included scarlet envelopes.119 Sexy Scenario cards, 6 C..

Take Control Domination Surprise Bag

$39.95 CAD
Possibly the most perfect bondage play starter kit ever to exist, this sexy gift ready kit is practically guaranteed to result in a little (or a lot of) fantasy fulfillment. Inside, you and a partner will find five essential bondage staples including a lighthearted spinner game to relax and inspire, classic cuffs and a silky red blindfold..

Tantric Sex Cards

$14.95 CAD
If you've ever been curious about Tantric Sex, but haven't felt like going down a research rabbit hole, this is your lucky (and sexy) day! The Tantric Sex Cards set from Kheper Games contains a full fifty cards, all detailing tips, tricks and techniques to help you connect deeply and sensually with a lover.Peruse 100,000 possible paths to o..

The Oral Sex Adventures Card Game

$14.95 CAD
Maybe you and a playmate are in need of a little inspiration when it comes to going down, or maybe you're plenty inspired but on the prowl for some new techniques. In either case, The Oral Sex Card deck from always-sexy Kheper Games is here for you.Calling itself 'an experience of oral adventures', these cards offer up 50 possibilities, 2..

We've Never, But We Will Card Game

$18.95 CAD
Combining drinks, toys, secrets and intimate surprises into a sexy little game for couples, the We've Never...But We Will game follows along the lines of the classic tell-all drinking game. Instead of embarrassing secrets however, this version was specifically created to inspire and engage lovers. Included in the set are 120 cards split into four ..
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