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Sexy Boudoir Promises Cards

$19.95 CAD $26.95 CAD
No matter how steamy your sex life is, there are bound to be times when you and your partner(s) may need a bit (or maybe more than a bit) of inspiration. For those times, plus any situation where you might want to kickstart some erotic  anticipation, you can always reach of one or more of Little Genies' Sexy Boudoir Promises Car..

Tantric Sex Cards

$14.95 CAD
If you've ever been curious about Tantric Sex, but haven't felt like going down a research rabbit hole, this is your lucky (and sexy) day! The Tantric Sex Cards set from Kheper Games contains a full fifty cards, all detailing tips, tricks and techniques to help you connect deeply and sensually with a lover.Peruse 100,000 possible paths to o..

The Oral Sex Adventures Card Game

$14.95 CAD
Maybe you and a playmate are in need of a little inspiration when it comes to going down, or maybe you're plenty inspired but on the prowl for some new techniques. In either case, The Oral Sex Card deck from always-sexy Kheper Games is here for you.Calling itself 'an experience of oral adventures', these cards offer up 50 possibilities, 2..


$3.95 CAD
Nice Womanizer Clitoral Key-Chain..
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