H2O Banana Lick Lubricant

H2O Banana Lick Lubricant

$24.95 CAD
Brand: System Jo
Product Code: 796494401736

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A sweet, ultra juicy lubricant from System Jo, this crystal clear water based treat enhances sex with tons of long lasting slipperiness and a deliciously silky feel, not to mention a mouthwatering hit of sweet fruit flavor with no unpleasant aftertaste. 

H20 can be used safely with condoms and all toy materials, it's sugar free for guiltless indulgence, and the long lasting, water soluble formula won't stain sheets, clothing or skin. Apply generously to the area you're looking to lubricate and enjoy.

Compatible with natural latex & polyisoprene condoms.  Not compatible with polyurethane condoms
Made in the USA.

  •     4oz / 120ml bottle with flip top 
  •     Vegan
  •     Non-staining
  •     Latex safe
  •     Sugar free

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