Heart Impression Crop

Heart Impression Crop

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'I rounded the sofa and stopped, changed direction and tried to catch her going the other way. She's quick but I'm about to win this game of cat and mouse. Squealing and giggling, she tried crawling over the furniture, clad only in her bra and panties. I reach out with my crop and with a quick snap, leave a perfect little heart impression on her butt. "Score! That's two for me!" I say with an air of victory. This has to be the best toy, ever!'

Firm, easily maneuverable and perfectly weighted, the Heart Impression crop is a fun little addition to any playful bondage collection. Delivering light teasing smacks as well as firmer, stinging slaps, the perfect heart cutout may just leave its mark. The core of the Crop is a firm, hardy ABS plastic with just enough flexibility, it's covered at tip and base with sexy leather-look vinyl fabric. Nickel free.

Overall Length 23" including wrist strap
Handle 6", Wrist strap 6"
Handle with Crop length 16"

70% Vinyl
20% ABS Plastic
10% Nickle Free Metal

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