Hemp Rope Purple 6mm

Hemp Rope Purple 6mm

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Sinvention is proud to offer a new line of bondage rope that is hand finished in the USA by dedicated rope lovers!

deGiotto Hemp is hand laid in a 3-strand rope. For those that appreciate hemp rope just the way it is. Completely natural in color, we don't have to put these fibres through our lengthy dye process. So you get a great product at a fantastic price. deGiotto natural hemp has a smooth, buttery feel. The rope is firm and lively but soft to the touch. It then goes through our meticulous finishing process before being whipped and delivered to you ready to tie.

6 mm rope is the most widely used and loved diameter of rope. Not too big to be bulky and not too small that it won't provide support.

Available in 15 foot bundles

- Made from 100% linen grade hemp fibres

- Soft, buttery smooth, pliable, supple hemp that smells and feels great

- Hand laid, processed, and finished by personally by us, we turn the yarn into a quality product

- Whipped ends finished with a french palm and needle whipping with natural thread hold better than anything else we've found

- Hemp is great for bondage. The natural fiber has "tooth" that holds ties better than synthetic rope

- Safe to wash! If you follow our care instructions you can wash your hemp rope in the washing machine with no problems. Gentle cycle with a mild detergent should do the trick.

- Make sure that if you do wash your rope you let it air dry naturally, stretch it gently, and then reapply our custom deGiotto Rope Oil to lubricate the natural fibers as detergent removes oils.


Some of most frequently asked questions, answered for your convenience:

What does "finish" mean?

Finish refers to the method used on the ends of the rope to keep it from unraveling. Colors refer to the color thread used in the French palm and needle whipping. All others are knots.

What is "linen grade hemp"?

This should not be confused with actual linen which is made from flax. Linen grade hemp is the thread used to weave hemp clothing. It is stronger and more finished than the garden grade twine sometimes used to make hemp rope. Every foot of our rope has over 144 feet of thread.


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