Icicles No. 25 Glass Plug

Icicles No. 25 Glass Plug

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Perfectly stimulate the nerve-packed anal canal and experience a new level of sensation and orgasmic potential with the extra manageably sized, smoothly curvy Icicles 25 plug.  Only slightly longer than a finger,  this traditionally tapered plug inserts easily and smoothly, widening  toward the bottom to provide gentle yet persistent stretching of the anal muscles and sphincter.

Once fully inserted, a process that should take as long as needed to ensure your comfort, the thinner neck at the base holds the shaft in place- it can be left inside you during almost any other pleasure pursuit, adding exciting, unique stimulation that can be incredibly exhilarating.

If you're new glass toys, you're about to find out why this material is revered by pleasure connoisseurs for many reasons, not the least being the previously mentioned hard weighty feel that's ideal for firm massage of your pleasure points, particularly the g-spot and prostate. Glass toys are also extremely temperature sensitive, you'll be able to feel them warm naturally to body temperature with use, but you can also amp up the heat or cool sensation by dipping your plug into cold or warm water before use. In addition, glass is perfectly hygienic, non porous and hypoallergenic, containing no additives or irritating chemicals. To clean, just rinse with warm water and soap, use a good toy cleaner, boil for complete sterilization, or even place into the top rack of the dishwasher. You'll be able to use your lube of choice with your Icicles toy.

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