Lexol Conditioner Quick Wipes

Lexol Conditioner Quick Wipes

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Brand: Lexol
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Lexol Conditioner Quick Wipes

Rejuvenate and protect your leather with one quick, hassle-free wipe from Lexol!

Presenting the new Leather Conditioner Quick Wipes—the solution for the time-pressed car owner to preserving and protecting both old and new leather. Leather experts suggest conditioning every one to three months. No longer does leather conditioning have to be a chore. In just minutes, you can grab your Lexol cylinder from the glove box, whip out a Quick Wipe, a state of the art disposable material from DuPont, already saturated with the perfect amount of patented Leather Conditioner formula, wipe down the entire surface of your leather, and, forget about it! One less thing to worry about for the next few months.

Having leather interior, unfortunately, comes with some extra responsibility if you want to preserve a resilient, lithe surface. Of course, cleaning the leather of airborne contaminants, oils, and pore-clogging dirt is important, but equally important is the conditioning step. Conditioning nourishes the leather with appropriate lubricants to keep internal fibers soft and flexible. Under a microscope, leather fibers look like a pile of tangled rope. Without regular conditioning or lubricating, the “tangles” can’t yield to pressure and literally will break. Lexol’s conditioning formula is designed to work much like tanning oils that are depleted in the initial step of the tanning process. Natural oils are first stripped away to make the hide invulnerable to decay. The last step of the tanning process, known as “fatliquoring,” involves reintroducing oils that mimic the lubricating properties of the natural oils. These same essential oils are the main ingredient in Lexol’s Leather Conditioner. Microscopic, fine oils penetrate below the surface to lubricate individual fibers, yielding moisturized, healthy leather. This restores the desired pliancy required to keep leather from drying, cracking and deteriorating.

Lexol stakes its reputation on the effectiveness of its product. After using Lexol Leather Conditioner in the Quick Wipe form, you will be satisfied with the fruit of your labor. The conditioner will leave the leather supple, non-greasy, and inviting to the touch. Replenishing oils will not find their way to the surface to attract dirt and stain clothes. The finish is an eye-pleasing satiny, glow which will last until your next session.

Tech notes:
There are 25 Wipes in each Lexol Quick Wipe pop-up dispenser. They are prepared for immediate use, with the exact amount of solution already in the super-absorbent, heavy duty cloth. They require no preparation, and no buffing is required afterwards.

To use:
First clean the leather to remove surface dirt. Lexol Leather Cleaner Quick Wipes is the simplest way to prepare your leather for conditioning. Follow with Lexol Leather Conditioner Quick Wipes for well-nourished, protected, supple leather.

CONTAINS: 25 ready-to-use quick wipes

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