Limited Edition Neon Wand Kit

Limited Edition Neon Wand Kit

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Presenting the absolute pinnacle of boundary-pushing, exquisitely unique, uncompromisingly adventurous electro play, Kinklab's Agent Noir assembles a complete lineup of accessories designed to work harmoniously with the included Neon Wand, a simple, extraordinarily versatile device created to transmit perfectly customizable pulses of nerve-tingling, sense-awakening electricity through chosen body areas. Able to be manipulated in an astounding array of ways thanks to five distinctly shaped glass conductive tips, or via the wearable Power Tripper device and included sensory accessories, the electrifying possibilities for foreplay, bdsm scenarios, sex and even self love enhancement are practically endless.

The Neon Wand style of device has been used for decades to various effect, some medical and some erotic, but the Neon Wand is one of the first solid state (one piece) electric ray wands, drawing from over 20 years of design experience and research. It's a great device for beginners to this type of toy thanks to its incredible ease of use and extra detailed instruction manual with tons of tips for use- players with lots of experience will (and do!) downright adore the lightweight, maneuverable shape and range of included electrodes. Appealing to either end of the experience spectrum, the wide range of sensation available, from teasing, tickly touches to sharp, stinging bites, ideal for more serious dominance and bondage play make the Neon Wand perfectly versatile.

Once plugged in, the wand transmits power up through the lightweight, ergonomically shaped handle and into one of the six possible glass electrode attachments. A special conductive gas within the attachment perfectly reacts to the charge, dispersing it straight to the skin, glowing gorgeously as it does so. You'll be able to control the intensity of the sensation using a dial on the base of the wand, but it's always a good idea to start off on the lowest setting, particularity if you've never played with electro stimulation devices before. A broad range of sensations are possible, affected both by the power setting chosen, and the attachment used. In general, the smaller the tip of the electrode, the more intense the sensation, as there's less surface area to dispel the charge. A larger version, like the Come or Bulb, will generally produce a more subtle sensation of warmth and tingle, although both can deliver a definite 'bite' if the power level is high. You may even see the charge against your or your playmates skin, particularly at a high setting, as the electricity sparks and crackles over the surface, awakening nerves and increasing sensitivity.

Furthering the stimulation possibilities, one of Kinklabs' Power Triper attachments is included as well. An incredibly unique way to enjoy the almost infinite pleasure possibilities of the Neon Wand electro stimulator, the Power Tripper literally transforms the wearer into a human electrode, electrifying touch for an unforgettable tactile experience. To use, you'll need to attach the Tripper to the Neon Wand, and then place the wide, comfortably curved metal pad against the wearer's skin. Once it's secured, either by holding in place or positioning inside a waistband, sports-band or otherwise, fingertips, lips and any body part in contact with a playmate will be capable of creating a gentle (or intense, depending) tingly sensation against their skin. Bringing yet another pleasure possibility to the table, any metal object you may be holding will also become a conductor of stimulating electricity, opening up an entire world of sensory play using metal toys and objects- a classic prickly Wartenberg pinwheel, electro whip and rolling drum are included, as well as a set of classic metal cuffs.

There's a very detailed manual included with the Wand Kit, it details the history, unique qualities, operation and care/cleaning of your Wand and accessories, plus, sharing all kinds of tips and tricks on methods of use and ways to get the most from your purchase. Presented in a self-contained, lock-able foam lined case ideal for travel and storage, your Agent Noir plus all its components will be good to go whenever you are.


    The Neon Wand
    The Power Tripper
    Glass Electrodes : the Bulb, the Comb, the Tongue, the Mushroom, the Probe, the 90 degree Probe
    The Electro Whip
    The Pinwheel
    The Rolling Drum
    1 pair of metal cuffs

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