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Romp Reverb

$99.95 CAD $119.95 CAD
What is it? ROMP Reverb is a rabbit vibrator with Pleasure Air Technology. This includes an internal G-spot vibrator arm and an external clitoral suction stimulation head, which combine to give two types of stimulation, both inside and out, for powerful, blended orgasms. Itoffers 10 suction levels, 3 vibe speeds, 7 vibe patterns, and a trave..

Romp Riot Bullet Vibe

$39.95 CAD $49.95 CAD
Small yet mighty! Bullet vibe ROMP Riot is an ultra-compact and simple toy that targets the clitoris with surprisingly powerful vibrations. This neat, splashproof toy is ready to bring a big pleasure game...How to play1. Apply water-based lube to ROMP Riot and place on the clitoris.2. Hold the POWER button for 2 secs and watch as your ROMP Ri..

Romp Suction Rose

$84.95 CAD
ROMP Rose is a unique clitoral stimulator with original Pleasure Air Technology, the groundbreaking suction-like sensation using waves of contactless air pressure. ROMP Rose’s extraordinary shape is designed to put orgasm front and center, with 6 intensities and 4 pattern modes, all in a high quality, rechargeable, silicone coated toy at an..

Romp Wave Lay On Vibrator

$49.95 CAD $59.95 CAD
ROMP Wave is a lay on vibrator that provides deep clitoral stimulation on the outer hot spots and erogenous zones. ROMP Wave is ideal for your me-time moments, and with 6 vibration levels and 4 pattern modes, you can switch it up every time. The motor is whisper-quiet and discreet. ROMP Wave is made from velvety silicone and is completely w..

Saffron Die-Cut Acrylic Spanker

$44.95 CAD $59.95 CAD
Like to leave an after-playtime impression on your partner? The totally unique Saffron Die-Cut Acrylic Spanker will do just that - we're talking literally and metaphorically. Featuring lots of precision and easily controlled firmness, the Spanker was specifically designed to reduce air resistance, delivering a firmer bite, a faster s..

Saffron Solid Acrylic Paddle

$44.95 CAD $59.95 CAD
Looking to leave a lasting after-playtime impression on your partner? The Saffron Solid Acrylic Paddle will do just that - we're talking literally and metaphorically! Featuring lots of precision and easily controlled firmness, the thick, solid Paddle was specially designed to deliver an intense sting, an unmistakeable 'crack' sound, and t..

Sam Neo Interactive Suction & Vibration Masturbator

$189.95 CAD $219.95 CAD
We're going to go ahead and make a bold claim here, so bear with us. When you are, or perhaps your penis-owning partner is in the mood for a stupendous stroke session, a favourite masturbator might just (or definitely will) be the perfect candidate for the job at hand. Of course, there's always a way to make any perfect candidate even&nbs..

Satisfyer Charming Smile

$99.95 CAD $119.95 CAD
Charming is just one teasing trait this curvaceous, unbelievably versatile violet stimulator from Satisfyer's brand new Vibes collection has to offer, but they'll all make you Smile, guaranteed. If you know Satisfyer, you'll already know that they've got the pleasure innovation market firmly cornered, this silky wonder is case in point!Perfect for ..

Satisfyer Embrace Me Rabbit Vibe in Turquoise

$129.95 CAD $139.95 CAD
If you're anything like us, the words 'rabbit vibe' conjure up a pretty specific (and very sexy) image - those two flickering ears. However, with the arrival of Satisfyer's Embrace Me Rabbit Vibe, you may need to modify those mental images a bit, because this bunny comes with a total of three flickering ears. Some folks think that thre..

Satisfyer Power Masturbator

$159.95 CAD $179.95 CAD
Penis havers, did you know that Satisfyer has been hard (hehe) at work perfecting a line of toys for you? It's true, and the Power Masturbator is a brand-new piece from that very line. Like we always say, everyone deserves a Satisfyer to call their own!Before we get into Power's very impressive pleasure functions, let's talk about the uni..

Satisfyer Pro 2 Air Pulse Stimulator + Vibration

$119.95 CAD $129.95 CAD
Ten bucks says we know what you're probably thinking. Satisfyer's Pro 2 can't possibly get any better, right? After all, nothing beats eleven modes of gently sucking pressure described as 'oral sex but more intense', 'an orgasm guarantee' and 'life-changing.' What if we told you that you can have all the sensation of Satisfyer's signature..

Satisfyer Vibes A-Mazing in Berry

$109.95 CAD $129.95 CAD
The silicone Satisfyer A-Mazing 2 provides extra deep stimulation of the A-spot. Featuring a stimulating grooved texture, this vibrator provides intense pleasure with 2 motors, a straight ergonomic shaft and a narrow flexible tip.Get ready for astonishingly high-flying adventures with the Satisfyer A-Mazing 2: Your A-spot lies hidden behind..

Satisfyer Vibes Master

$129.95 CAD $139.95 CAD
Masterfully annihilating pleasure cravings as a super sexy pseudo-lifelike shape works magic inside, outside, up, down, sideways-  the Master from Satisfyer's brand new Vibes collection will have no problem at all convincing you of its stimulation superiority! Its long, seriously flexible deep delving shaft perfect for inner or ou..

Satisfyer Vibes Mister Rabbit

$109.95 CAD $129.95 CAD
You can call him 'sir', 'the boy toy', 'hey you', or even 'monsieur' for a little Parisian flair. No matter what you call him, Mister Rabbit from Satisfyer's brand new Vibes collection will always give you and your sweet spots his full and undivided attention. Promise.Featuring a classic dual stimulating shape that's been delivering infinite thrill..

Scandal® Spreader Bar

$119.95 CAD $129.95 CAD
Spread your legs wide and relinquish control with the Scandal® Spreader Bar. Your dominant will love the way you look with your legs spread wide in front of them, anxiously awaiting their touch. You’ll love the vulnerability of being forcibly held in place by this sturdy metal restraint bar…and the excitement of testing its limits only to..
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