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Ultimate Psyche Ward Arm Splints

$375.00 CAD
Visually stunning and terrifying in any medical theme bondage scene. Almost 16`tall and constructed using heavy English Bridle leather. Use them to attach arms together, to the wearer, or to something else. Features 12 welded dees and 5 lockable 1.5" roller buckles on each arm. Fits a wide range of sizes. Very sexy and functional for all bondage sc..

Wartenburg Wheel Pin Wheel

$29.95 CAD
Placing tons of prickly, tingly fun securely and sexily in your (or your playmate's hand), the classic Wartenburg Wheel Pin Wheel hails from the kings and queens of kink at the Master Series, and more specifically, Mistress Isabella Sinclaire.Definitely a bit more intense in terms of sharpness than some similar tools, this Pin Wheel would..

Medical Restraints Classic Deluxe

$120.00 CAD
Perfect for your medical themed scene or just for a great hot look! We use industrial drilled solid steel rivets and welded heavy hardware to ensure these 2 1/2" leather restraints have great control and strength. Don't mistake these for the similar looking Latigo leather versions found on other websites. 8oz. to 10oz. Fine English bridle leather i..

Medical Thigh Cuffs Classic Deluxe

$350.00 CAD
Firm and total control!  Matching our medical fetish collection we offer you these secure and sexy thigh restraints made using American tanned leathers. A new addition to our thigh cuffs is the extra tuck loop to prevent the dreaded spin out of the cuff makes for an even more secure fit. Three welded dee tie off points on each cuff allow for a..

Naughty Nurse Bondage Belt

$275.00 CAD
This bondage belt has been designed to fit very comfortably. The two piece configuration self centers keeping all the important attachment points where they should be. A two-ply rolled leather edge adds comfort for long hours of continued use. Soft 4oz. leather lining provides a very stable and non-bunching, rivet-free inner surface. Features a bi..

Padded Medical Bondage Cuffs

$150.00 CAD
Fine English Bridle leather restraints for your own psyche ward or medical scene play. These cuffs are almost 3" wide and feature a soft padded leather lining. Each cuff offers 2 strong welded steel dees and a locking buckles (maybe used with or with out locks). Drilled solid steel rivets and heavy sewn construction will give you many years of play..

Medical Sinfully Soft Cuffs

$80.00 CAD
These Sinvention Canadian made leather restraints are perfect for novice and experienced BDSM players! The inner strap is 2" wide soft and supple two ply 4 oz. full grain glove leather. A 1" wide heavy English Bridle Leather buckling strap provides strength and durability. The top strap is secured by drilled solid steel rivets that are backed by ni..
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