Optimum Magic Erection Trigger Pump

Optimum Magic Erection Trigger Pump

$114.95 CAD
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Optimum Series Magic Erection Trigger Penis Pump. Do you believe in magic? Or, should we say, the idea of magic and not the Lovin' Spoonful song- that is definitely a thing. Either way, you'll absolutely believe in the magical effects of this pump by Cal's high end Optimum Series- there's just no denying it!

A classic design elevated far past average, the Magic is sleek and stable, featuring a nice long chamber below an easy to hold curved base above. Strategically crystal clear, the Magic is naturally magnifying- an ego boost before you even get started won't hurt at all! Over the entrance, a plushy, super-soft donut cushions skin like, yes, magic as it maintains a great seal. Past that, a clear, equally supple textured sleeve fastened to the interior snugly surrounds the shaft. 

With a squeeze of the huge trigger pump handle, suction begins to build inside the chamber. Watch the effect through the transparent walls and feel the pleasurable power of that sexy inner grip.

Disassembling for easy cleaning, the Magic Pump should be washed well after use using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. If a lube's in place, choose a good water based formula.

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