Ouch! Neoprene Puppy Hood

Ouch! Neoprene Puppy Hood

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Ouch! Neoprene Puppy Hood

In a mood to howl at the moon? Or maybe you have a new puppy/partner that needs to be (playfully) tamed? The great looking, totally functional and ready to play hard Ouch! Neoprene Puppy Hood from the Ouch! Puppy Play collection has some new tricks up its sleeve - or snout.

Giving you and your partner the choice of obscuring all or most of your/their face, the Hood features a breathable snap on muzzle that'll cover a full mouth and nose cut-out, plus ears that you or they will be able to position just right. Pair it with a favourite leash and collar - maybe even a tail! 

In soft neoprene, the Hood should be spot cleaned as needed. Fits most.

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