Pain Heavy Leather Tail Flogger

Pain Heavy Leather Tail Flogger

$139.95 CAD $159.95 CAD
Brand: Shots Toys
Product Code: 8714273533029

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While there's lots to say about the many, many stand-out features of this fantastic flogger from Shots Pain collection, here's something really important, courtesy of Devo. Ready, here goes... Craaaaack that whip!! Sorry, had to!

Featuring sexy leather strands and extra sturdy handle, the Heavy Leather Tail Flogger definitely has the potential for pleasurable pain. It can, however, also feel light as a feather - all depends on who's holding it. The soft tails flex and swish, they'll tickle and tease with a soft stroke or flick and bite with a harder one. Handle features a turks head knot at the top and bottom of handle for good balance.  Braided wrist loop for hanging.

In genuine leather, the Flogger should be spot cleaned as needed. Please use a good leather care product to keep it in tip top shape.

The Leather Flogger measures approximately 31.5" (78.7cm) overall (excluding the wrist strap).
Handle length from top to end of handle 9"
Flogger tails are 21" long and 3/8" wide

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