Pain Leather Barbed Wire Flogger

Pain Leather Barbed Wire Flogger

$199.95 CAD
Brand: Shots Toys
Product Code: 8714273533050

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While there's lots to say about the many, many stand-out features of this fantastic flogger from Shots Pain collection, here's something really important, courtesy of Devo. Ready, here goes... Craaaaack that whip!! Sorry, had to!

With it's hardcore barbed-wire inspired leather strands and extra sturdy handle, the Leather Barbed Wire Flogger definitely has the potential for pleasurable pain. It can, however, also feel light as a feather - all depends on who's holding it. The unique tails flex and swish, they'll tickle and tease with a soft stroke or flick and bite with a harder one. 

In genuine leather, the Leather Barbed Wire Flogger should be spot cleaned as needed. Please use a good leather care product to keep it in tip top shape.

* The Leather Barbed Wire Flogger measures approximately 31.5" (78.7cm) excluding the wrist strap.

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