Pony Fetish Leather Bridle

Pony Fetish Leather Bridle

$275.00 CAD
Brand: Sinvention
Product Code: 8061

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Pony Fetish Leather Bridle with Blinders

Our premium pony bridle with paddle blinders offers a bold look for your ponygirl or ponyboy.  Hand-finished 8 oz. to 10 oz. English Bridle Leather with matching tuck loops to keep everything neat and tidy. Comes standard with locking buckles. Fits a very wide range of sizes. Shown with optional feather plume with removable base and interchangeable pony ears.

Black, Red (sold out), Bright Pink, Medium Brown, OxBlood or Tan


Feather plume option includes a modular leather base that is removable. Fits easily on other bridles and offers the capability to change plumes using the same base. 
(*Please note as of 2021 the plumes are a little narrower than shown in previous photos, same style just slightly smaller overall as these are now a 6" plume instead of 8")

Leather ears option can be matched to the colour of your bridle and can be interchanged with other bridles.

Handmade by Sinvention in Canada
Includes a Lifetime Warranty*

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