Rouge Wooden Handle Flogger

Rouge Wooden Handle Flogger

$89.95 CAD
Brand: Rouge
Product Code: 5060363861330

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Product Description

Adding a great-looking and super-smooth wooden handle to a total classic, the (not so uniquely named!) Wooden Handle Flogger from Rouge infuses tons of playful swishing, flicking and stinging to all sorts of dominating scenarios. That's what we call play potential!

Tipped by a big handful of flexible vegan leather tassels, the good sized Flogger can tickle or bite with complete ease, plus, control is easy, precise and never far away thanks to the sturdy handle and looped wrist cord.

This is a great softer feeling warm up flogger, lighter weight overall and sensuous feeling.

* The Wooden Handle Flogger is approximately 23" (58.4cm) in total length, excluding the wrist cord.

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