Silk Rope Dragonfruit 6mm

Silk Rope Dragonfruit 6mm

$45.00 CAD
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deGiotto Bamboo Silk Bondage rope is a new favorite at Sinvention! We are proud to offer a new line of bondage rope that is hand finshed in the USA by dedicated rope lovers! Soft, Cozy and Comfy-Pajama Rope, or alternately Bedroom Rope. This Rope feels like no other! You've never worked with rope quite like this before. The shine and feel are amazing. The soft lay is silky and cuddly for decorative ties that can be worn all day or all night as "pajama" rope. Even the knots won't be felt when laying on them in the bed. Made from 70% bamboo and 30% silk factory dyed yarns. When folks feel this rope for the first time, the universal response is "OMG that's soft!".

Available in 15 foot
or 30 foot bundles

- Knotted with a stranded overhand knot, we've found that this knot holds the best on bamboo silk

- Hand laid from factory dyed yarns, giving you great quality and consistency at a lower price

- Softest, smoothest rope that feels great like nothing you've ever felt before

- Hand laid, processed, and finished by personally by us, we turn the yarn into a quality product

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