Special Edition Under Bed Restraint System

Special Edition Under Bed Restraint System

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Special Edition Under Bed Restraint System

As exciting, mischievous and super-sexy as out-in-public, hotel room or other sneaky erotic adventures can be, sometimes, there's just nothing like your very own bed for down n' dirty doings. Helping turn your comfy haven of sleep and sex into a kink-ready playground of bound-up potential is Sportsheets Special Edition Under Bed Restraint System

Instantly (almost) converting just about any bed into a veritable bondage playground, the Under Bed Restraint System consists of a lengthy, fully adjustable cross strap and six adjustable tether straps. You can position the straps under your mattress in any configuration you like - just be sure to leave the tether ends free! Whether you use one, three or all six of the straps, they clip sturdily to the center strap.  

Making things even more play-ready, you'll also get four gorgeous black vegan leather cuffs complete with glossy gold hardware. Clip the cuffs to the ends of the tether straps, and play away. Needless to say, if bed bondage isn't in the cards for the evening, you can absolutely make use of the cuffs in any sexy bound-up scenario(s) that  comes to mind

Perfect for travel and those unexpected - or expected - overnights, the Special Edition Under Bed Restraint System folds up easily for a quick getaway.


  • 60"/152cm Connector Strap
  • 6 x 60"/152cm Tether Straps
  • Blindfold
  • 4 Adjustable Wrist/Ankle Cuffs

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