Stainless Steel Cat Claw

Stainless Steel Cat Claw

$49.95 CAD
Brand: Rouge
Product Code: 5060404816831

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Placing some (really!) sharp, no-nonsense fun at the tip of your or your partner's finger, the Stainless Steel Cat Claw hails from Rouge's high end line of kink-ready gear. Meow!

We found this sexy tool to be pretty intense in terms of sharpness, so it's definitely a great choice for sensation connoisseurs and more advanced pleasure/pain scenarios. Slipping over a finger, the Claw positions two angled, sharp-tipped spikes for some sexy scratching. 

Glide the Claw lightly over skin to feel (or have them feel) the sharp effects- press harder to really make a point. If you're a fan of temperature play, you'll adore this tool - simply soak in some cold or warm water, depending on whether you're craving some heat or a sexy chill. Again, please play carefully, the Cat Claw definitely sharp!

* The Cat Claw measures approximately 4.25" (10.8cm) in total length. The 'claws' are spaced .5" (1.3cm) apart and are each 2.75"/ 7cm long.

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