Stainless steel plug

Stainless steel plug

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An ultra slick, innovatively designed urethral plug. Penis plug provides a thrillingly weighty sensation and deep, stretching stimulation along with the irresistible look of a prince albert, minus the piercing.

Shaped into a sleek taper with a gradual increase, the LaCuna can be inserted to your comfort level, a large ringed handle at the base protects against too-deep penetration, facilitates easy, worry-free retrieval, and allows for easy and pleasurable manipulation. Completely hollow throughout, this plug is suitable for longer periods of wear.

Smooth contouring makes the immeasurably pleasurable shape exciting and stimulating, and thanks to the temperature sensitivity of steel, it can be warmed or cooled before play. Stainless steel is amazingly hygienic, able to be easily sterilized via boiling or bleaching, it's also immensely hardy and can stand up to a whole lot of enthusiastic handling. Any type of lubricant can technically be used with it, though a sterile, one-time use, medical grade formula is recommended for health reasons. On that note, be sure to follow sterile procedures during cleansing and use for your safety and comfort. Be sure to avoid abrasive surfaces to keep this tool suitable for years and years of enjoyment.

This Penis Plug is 2 inches in total with an insert able length of 1.75 inches. The width ranges from .2 inches at the smallest to .5 inches at widest.


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