Stainless Steel Triple Pinwheel

Stainless Steel Triple Pinwheel

$59.95 CAD
Brand: Rouge
Product Code: 5060404815056

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A classic kinky plaything in high end, practically indestructible stainless steel, Rouge's Triple Pinwheel presents a tingly three-times-the-fun treat featuring tons of (very!) prickly points placed around a trio of free-rolling wheel tips. 

Thanks to the solid, pleasantly weighty feel, control of the goose-bumpy, nerve-awakening spikes against a playmate's skin is extra precise. Roll slowly and lightly along arms, over breasts, back and sides or add just a little/a lot of pressure for some scintillating sting. 

If you're a fan of temperature play, you'll adore this tool - simply soak in some cold or warm water, depending on whether you're craving some heat or a sexy chill. Please play carefully, the spikes are definitely sharp!

* The Stainless Steel Triple Pinwheel is about 6.75" /17.14cm in length.

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