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Saddle Leather Paddle with Metal Ball Handle

$119.95 CAD
A super-sexy, ultra sturdy number in high end leather, the Pain Saddle Leather Paddle is definitely up for anything spank-happy playmates can throw (or slap) at it. Delivering full coverage contact, the Paddle's classic squared-off shape spreads paddle-to-skin impact over targeted body areas perfectly. Thicker than average and quite ..

Saffron Die-Cut Acrylic Spanker

$59.95 CAD
Like to leave an after-playtime impression on your partner? The totally unique Saffron Die-Cut Acrylic Spanker will do just that - we're talking literally and metaphorically. Featuring lots of precision and easily controlled firmness, the Spanker was specifically designed to reduce air resistance, delivering a firmer bite, a faster s..

Saffron Ping Pong Paddle Sportsheets

$39.95 CAD $44.95 CAD
This sophisticated classic is a must-have in your arsenal Have you got a wild one on your hands? Deliver a sensual swat to correct their behavior. This handy crimson paddle offers sadists and Doms a beautifully-crafted tool with which to discipline their plaything. A soft vegan leather exterior means that the lead up to each impact can be ..

Saffron Solid Acrylic Paddle

$59.95 CAD
Looking to leave a lasting after-playtime impression on your partner? The Saffron Solid Acrylic Paddle will do just that - we're talking literally and metaphorically! Featuring lots of precision and easily controlled firmness, the thick, solid Paddle was specially designed to deliver an intense sting, an unmistakeable 'crack' sound, and t..

Saffron Studded Spanker

$44.95 CAD
Craving the thrill of playful control or sexy submission? We (the Sportsheets Saffron collection, actually) have just what you need! No matter which side of the gorgeous Saffron Studded Spanker you happen to be playing on, this classic-with-a-twist spank tool will NOT disappoint. Part studded and part smooth, the Spanker gives you an..

Sex & Mischief Shadow Heart Paddle

$24.95 CAD
This manageable, lightweight tool has a nice sturdy texture, and it's easy to keep close with a sturdy wrist strap riveted through the base. With a good hard smack, the heart shape may just show up on your playmates backside (or otherwise!) The Heart Paddle is definitely capable of delivering some fairly serious sting if wielded a ce..

Tantus Trip 2 Tawse

$94.95 CAD
Tawses (pronounced taws) were used as corporal punishment in public schools in Scotland until 1987. The impact of the standard leather tawse can be very intense; even more so in Tantus Silicone. Trip 2 Tawse features two very broad tongues, each 1.5 inches in width, 10 inches in length; this allows for long, broad strokes. Because it’s Tantus Silic..

Textured Black Rubber Paddle

$24.95 CAD
A slick, firm paddle boasting sensational texturing on either side, the Rubber Paddle from Pipedream's Fetish Fantasy Series is a manageable tool for playful lovers. The body and handle are both made from a firm rubber material that has enough 'give' for perfect handling, but it's certainly firm enough for precise whacks, or more gentle t..

The Motivator Crop

$49.95 CAD
An ideally sturdy, pain-inducing crop from Sportsheets, the Motivator is perfectly stout for a versatile range of play, constructed of high quality, slick black cowhide leather and a grippable PVC handle. With an easy to manage, lightweight frame that yields perfectly to your desired intensity, this double-layer tipped crop delivers ..

Wood BITCH Paddle

$39.95 CAD
Quick question. What features does your perfect paddle include? If you're looking for a super-sturdy wood surface, lots of lightweight maneuverability and imprint lettering that'll leave behind the mark of a playtime well enjoyed, look no further. Spartacus's Wood BITCH Paddle flicks and licks with sexily stinging spank-happy precision.Ni..

Ouch! OUCH Paddle

$24.95 CAD
If your perfect paddle includes lots of spank-happy flexibility and some laser cut lettering that'll leave behind the mark of a playtime well enjoyed, we've got the perfect tool for you! Ouch!'s OUCH Paddle flicks and licks with both soft and (if your partner is into it) stinging precision.Split down the middle, the OUCH Paddle positions ..

Saffron Loop Paddle

$44.95 CAD
Feel the thrill of playful control or sexy submission no matter which side of the gorgeous Saffron Loop Paddle you're on- this classic spank tool was designed to play good and hard! Folded over into a flexible namesake loop up top, this unique paddle is nice and supple, cracking, slapping or tapping perfectly at the will of its holde..
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