Lovao Kegel Balls

Lovao Kegel Balls

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Brand: Vivilo
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Lovao Kegel Balls

Lovao Spheres by Vivilo combine vigor and pleasure.

The Lovao spheres are an agile vision of ease for the woman attentive of her sensual fitness; the Lovao spheres are directly inspired from the Japanese real original Benwa Balls, the first ones and first seen in Japan around 500 AD, the most popular on the globe. Discovering new sensations…of course; stimulation and also reinforcement of the perineal muscles. Your delicate movements as your most energetic ones are transmitted into these Geisha Lovao Spheres causing a vibrating wave which is so energizing. Give preferential treatment to your health by experimenting better and more intense orgasms. Personalize your enjoyment; wear them, two at a time or one at a time or the two spheres without the sheath.Total comfort awaits you an they’re entirely made of silicone. The diameter and weight of each ball is 36mm and 50g and the advantage is that it ensures they stay in place all by themselves once inserted. You can enjoy as much as you want during all activities of the day and a simple gimp fixed to these spheres provides a good grip to manipulate them.

Easy Exercise to strengthen your pelvic floor.  These feel great and are also pleasurable to wear.
First of all, wearing the Lovao spheres stimulates movements of contraction-relaxation movement of the muscles forming the pelvic floor, thus exercising your coccygeal muscle which is responsible for a healthy sex life. How much time should we wear them? The answer will please you; the time you want, no more no less. Minutes or hours, the Lovao spheres are at work. This concept of Geisha spheres from Vivilo are made of a strong and secure construction. Inside each ball there is another smaller one but heavier which makes a vibrating wave from your slightest movement.

This exercise has been popularized by Dr. Arnold Kegel in 1940 and this is why you often hear Kegel exercises when Lovao spheres are involved. Using our Lovao spheres is the easiest and most effective way to work out your kegel muscles because your vagina is forced to react to keep the balls in, it’s almost effortless. Lovao spheres are inspired by the ones described into the book; ‘’Fifty shades of Grey’’.

- follows you in your preliminaries
- provides more easily longer and stronger orgasms
- supports bladder
- stimulates rectal muscles
- causes clitoral erection during sexual arousal
- stronger pelvic muscles
- ideal after childbirth to strengthen your muscles
- gives a better feeling to men and women while penetration
- 1 year guaranty by Vivilo

Made of 100% silicone, no phthalate, no latex
Size of 36mm each
Weight of 50gr each
No motor, no battery, works with your body movement
Washable with water and soap, no specific maintenance

The sensation of wearing the Lovao spheres is as good as all the advantages you will get from and they are guaranteed for 1 year by Vivilo.

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