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Bridle Leather Paddle - 12 Inch

$75.00 CAD
All Sinvention leather paddles are built to last.  We craft this 12" long by 2" wide paddle using two layers of 12oz. to 14oz. Bridle leather.  That makes for almost 7/16" thick of vegetable tanned heavy leather. We also add some snap with a flexible steel insert.  With a heavy thud and sweet sting - what more could you ask for? Do you have a name..

Bridle Leather Paddle - 15 Inch

$85.00 CAD
We craft this paddle using two layers of 12oz. to 14oz. Bridle leather. That makes for almost 7/16" thick of vegetable tanned heavy leather.  We also add some snap with a flexible steel insert.  Offering more coverage and contact to the buttocks - our medium sized paddle is the most popular size that we sell.  This is a serious implement.Do you hav..

Bridle Leather Paddle - 24 Inch

$95.00 CAD
Inspired by a classic frat paddle our 24" long, very big and heavy paddle is constructed of two layers of 12oz. to 14 oz. Bridle Leather with a springy steel insert creating almost 7/16" of strong and stiff leather.  The edges are dyed and polished and the whole paddle is sewn together.  This is the longest paddle in our 3 paddle set, it proves to ..

Leather Tenderizer

$49.00 CAD
Not a paddle, not quite a strop but offer quite a serious "bite" with this little item. Use with caution!  Great for tenderizing genitals and other sinful flesh.We take two layers of extra heavy bridle leather, glue them together and then are sewn together.  Features fancy screw hardware, hand finished edges and leather handle. Overall length is 13..

Leather Viper Lash

$90.00 CAD
A very unassuming implement that has sting!  Handcrafted  using very heavy 12 to 14oz. English Bridle Leather. This lash is sewn halfway to the end with the tip left open to create a two-tail tawse or lash.  Long enough for self-flagellation or to allow for a pretty serious bite for the experienced handler.   Features a wrist loop and fancy Chicago..

Two Tail Bridle Leather Tenderizer

$49.00 CAD
Only 13" long but with a good bit of fun to offer. Great for tenderizing sensitive areas that don't require a huge paddle to make your point. Two layers of heavy bridle leather with hand finished edges, fancy screw decoration and leather loop handle.  The open business end has two tails 4.5" long.HANDMADE FOR YOU AS PER ORDER - Production lead time..

Double Sided Furry Paddle

$99.95 CAD
A fuzzy, certainly sexy tool for perfect for particularly playful couples, the Furry Paddle from Rouge is a classic enhanced, packing the potential for teasing tickles OR stinging slaps, depending on the scenario at hand.Boasting a classic shape, the Furry is nice and lightweight in hand, easy to swing, flick, and flip. Drag the super-sof..

Ouch! HEARTS Paddle

$24.95 CAD
If your perfect paddle includes lots of spank-happy flexibility and some gorgeous laser print cutouts that'll leave behind the mark of a playtime well enjoyed, we've got the perfect tool for you! Ouch!'s HEARTS Paddle flicks and licks with both soft and (if your partner is into it) stinging precision.Split down the middle, the HEARTS..

Pain Double Tailed Whip Flogger

$139.95 CAD
So, there are a few things that might go through your mind as you set eyes and more on this intimidating piece of leather sexiness from Shots Pain collection. We're pretty sure we can guess at east two of them. 1) No way! And 2) Ohhhh yeah! If you're in the second category, you'll most likely love the serious, no-nonsense look and all the..

Pain Folded Leather Slapper

$74.95 CAD
If you've been searching high and low for the perfect spanking tool, look no further! Shots Pain collection has you fully and completely covered with a very sexy take on a classic paddle.Flexible and springy in hand (yours or your playmate's), the Folded Slapper slaps, stings and playfully smacks with tingly precision. Made of a single th..

Pain Leather Poly Cricket Paddle

$64.95 CAD
If you've ever felt like your paddle collection could, perhaps, be a bit more versatile, or if you've ever wanted to open the toy drawer and be instantly inspired, may we recommend Shots Poly Cricket Paddle?  A little slimmer than your average paddle (much like the cricket bat it was named for!), this beginner-perfect play tool features a..

Pain Leather Saddle Paddle

$99.95 CAD
A super-sexy leather number with tons of sexy surface area and eight round cut-outs that could definitely leave a mark, Shots Pain Saddle Paddle is most definitely up for anything spank-happy playmates can throw (or slap) at it!Delivering full coverage contact, the Leather Studded Paddle's oval shape spreads paddle-to-skin impact over tar..

Pain Real Leather Bullwhip

$174.95 CAD
Ready to see your sub (playfully!) beg for mercy? This is the tool you need. From Shots Pain collection, the Real Leather Bullwhip isn't messing around! Super-sturdy and featuring a far-reaching length that will make a point from across the room, this whip snaps and stings authoritatively on command.Definitely designed with more experienc..

Pain Spiked Leather Paddle

$99.95 CAD
There will be zero doubt about who's in charge when this spiky Vampire paddle comes out of the drawer, but don't worry - it's got a soft(er) side, too! Standing proud atop a super-sturdy handle, the Vampire features an extra intense side studded through with tiny teeth, and a smooth contact point opposite.However you plan to wield the Lea..

Pain Three Finger Leather Tawse Paddle

$129.95 CAD
If you take your paddles on the creative side with plenty of attention-commanding potential, have we got the perfect play tool for you! Shots Three Finger Leather Tawse Paddle flicks and licks with no-nonsense and (if your partner is into it) stinging precision.Split at the tip, the Tawse sounds sexily intimidating as it flies through the..
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