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Broken Bit Slim Fetish Collar

$60.00 CAD
In stock - ready to ship June 2021 - A perfect unisex day collar or collar for pony play enthusiasts.  Its a narrow 1/2" wide and features a small broken bit ornamentation in front. Made of English bridle leather with smooth and rounded dyed edges.Size: 1/2" wideFits from 11 1/2" to 16"HANDMADE FOR YOU AS PER ORDER - Production lead time is ap..

Classic Leather Slave Collar

$80.00 CAD
A simple, no fuss slave collar. Made using English Bridle leather and superior  hand finishing. Choose from either 3 welded dees or 1 welded dees. Great for leading or for binding!SIZING INFO:Regular fits  - 11" to 16.5"Large fits - 13" to 18.5"Extra Large fits 15.5" 1 21.5" HANDMADE FOR YOU AS PER ORDER - Production lead time is approx. 3-6weeks...

Collar with Long and Short Spikes

$60.00 CAD
You'll turn heads in this 1" wide leather collar with an array of 1/2" and 1 1/4" spikes. The regular size version has 7 spikes and the large has 9. Nickel plated welded locking roller buckle closure. Crafted with English Bridle leather. Colour options: Black, Red, OxBlood, Bright Pink Sizing: 1" WideRegular fits 12 inches to 15.5 inchesLarge fit..

Hanging Teardrop Leather Collar

$55.00 CAD
Crafted with 8oz. to 10oz. English Bridle leather with rounded and dyed edges.  This unique collar is a Sinvention original design!  The stainless steel teardrop loop hangs down and lays perfectly on the skin.  Strong and designed to last a lifetime. Comes standard with a locking 3/4" nickle plated locking buckle to keep things secur..

Leather Collar with Long Spikes

$60.00 CAD
Made by Sinvention in Canada. Includes a Lifetime Warranty.Full customization available upon request. You'll turn heads in this 1" wide leather collar with an array of 1/2" and 1 1/4" spikes. Nickel plated welded locking roller buckle closure. Crafted with English Bridle leather.Colour options:Black, Red, Oxblood or Bright PinkSizing:Regular fits 1..

Leather Collar with Short Spikes

$60.00 CAD
Sexy 1/2" spikes adorn the length of this fetish collar.  It features a nickel plated welded locking roller buckle closure. Crafted using English Bridle leather. Strong, flashy and a head turner!Colour options: Black, Red, Oxblood, Pink Sizing: 3/4" wideRegular fits 12 inches to 15.5 inches Large fits 15.5 inches to 18.5 inchesHANDMADE FOR YOU AS ..

Medical Collar Classic Deluxe

$100.00 CAD
This medical themed leather slave collar has been handcrafted with skill and perfection at our studios in Canada.  This fully functional and beautiful locking bondage collar is constructed in the same manner as our Classic Deluxe series cuffs using thick English Bridle leather and a thick garment leather lining.  This fetish collar featur..

Padded Medical Bondage Collar

$90.00 CAD
Every medical bondage scene needs a collar that is comfortable and secure. This collar is 2" wide of top quality tan English Bridle leather with a soft padded white leather lining. Three welded steel dees and a locking buckle offer many combinations and security levels for protecting you or the orderlies! SIZING INFO:Regular fits - 11.5" to 17"Lar..

Posture Slave Collar

$165.00 CAD
Keep their chin up high and ready to receive whatever you have in store for them! We have improved the classic design of a locking posture collar by using soft leather to improve the rolled edges. This helps to eliminate pressure point irritation and provides the wearer a more comfortable experience overall. This collar is 4.5" tall at the front an..

Slim and Sexy Bondage Collar

$80.00 CAD
This beautiful leather bondage slave collar matches our new line of slim restraints perfectly. For the person that wants a very quick and easy collar in a visually more refined package. This collar is the fastest and easiest to get someone into. Features a substantial 1.25" wide bridle leather top and a two ply soft hood leather lining for an overa..

Slim Leather Dog Fetish Collar

$45.00 CAD
Your slave will love you for offering this petite and lovely little dainty fetish collar for them to wear in your honour. It is supple yet strong and looks so sexy! Sizing: Fits from 10.5`` to 16`` Made by Sinvention in Canada. Includes a Lifetime Warranty.Full customization available upon request...

Slimline Luxury Fur Bondage Collar

$80.00 CAD
A slightly slimmer 1 1/2" high super soft fur bondage collar, lovely for that special sub-one! This is just like our 2" high version just a little shorter for a sweeter look. A fetish collar really can be very comfortable to wear for long periods of time if it's lined with silky soft fur! Just as strong as our Classic Deluxe with a little more plu..

Supreme Padded Collar

$115.00 CAD
Lovely and comfortable, this supremely soft padded slave leather collar is both effective and functional. This is not a compromise for strength, but if your sub is in for a long session of your control you may want to consider offering a bit more comfort like this handmade bondage collar. Features premium English Bridle leather and heavy duty welde..

Bad Kitty Leather Collar

$44.95 CAD
While it's true that nothing beats some good ol' dirty talk in the boudoir, sometimes, there's definitely something sexy to be said about non-verbal communication. This fashion-forward leather collar from Spartacus will get the point (and your mood!) across without a sound.First off, the Bad Kitty Leather Word Band Collar is more of ..

Bliss Slave Collar

$95.00 CAD
A simple and understated bondage collar.  All the goodness we have to offer with a single heavy duty o-ring to tie off to. Silver look locking tongue buckle comes standard with this slave collar (or choose brass hardware and get a non-locking buckle).SIZING INFO: Overall width 1 1/2" Small fits  - 10.5" to 15.5"Regular fits - 13.5" t..
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