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Handcrafted Leather Pony Bit

$75.00 CAD
This pony bit gag is easy to take with its slim diameter as compared to our rubber bit gag.  Heavy bridle leather is formed, sewn into a round then hand finished.  Comes standard with 1 1/2" diameter side rings, a perfect spot to clip your reins to (reins sold seperately). Fits a 14" to a 21" circumference. Padlock not included Mouth Ce..

Leather Wrapped Ring Gag

$70.00 CAD
Hmm, holding the mouth open seems like a great idea. Imagine the possibilities. Our Leather Ring Gag incorporates a solid steel ring that is wrapped with soft luxurious leather. We have also incorporated our locking strap system to help everything stay put. Also features solid steel rivets and a matching keeper loop.  Shown with leather mouth..

Medical Silicone Ball Gag

$70.00 CAD
Our classic ball gag is now available in Medical Kink colours.  The balls are hand made using FDA approved platinum food grade silicone.  These balls are safe, non-toxic!  The ball diameter is 1.75" with a 1/2" diameter hole for the soft mouth strap. Heavy duty snaps secure a soft thick garment leather mouth piece to firm bridle leat..

Padded Muzzle and Collar

$400.00 CAD
If a non speaking sub is what you desire or full control of their head then this muzzle is for you! Adjustable from very small (shown above) to large without sacrificing functionality is how we have designed this locking padded bondage muzzle and collar. Everything will stay in the center and aligned to your subjects unique cranium and neck. We hav..

Penis Gag with Leather Straps

$100.00 CAD
Made by Sinvention in Canada This Silicone Penis gag will present a different trip for each person based on how they feel about having a big dick stuck in their mouth. Made from high platinum quality silicone right here at Sinvention Silicone Studios. The penis is a mouthful at 2 1/2 inches long and 5" in circumference. The Locking Leather St..

Phallic Gag Dildo Face Harness

$110.00 CAD
New to the Sinvention lineup is our Phallic Gag Dildo Harness (Face Fucking gag). It gives a great thrill to have someone fuck your face now stuff their mouth full of penis, lock it in there, then hop on for the ride of your life! Fun for everyone. This face gag includes 3 sizes of rings that will accommodate various sized dildos with a flared base..

Psyche Ward Medical Muzzle

$400.00 CAD
Create submission in your prisoner and control those unruly inmates that try to bite. Adjustable from very small (shown above) to large without sacrificing functionality is how we have designed this locking padded bondage muzzle and collar. Everything will stay in the center and aligned to your subjects unique cranium and neck. We have also crafted..
Out Of Stock

Purgatory Strap-On Muzzle

$575.00 CAD
TEMPORARILY DISCONTINUED & NOT AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW (as of March 11, 2021) due to the very high demand of this product we are not currently taking anymore orders for this muzzle.  These are very labour intensive and we will go live again once we have had a chance to catch up on existing muzzle orders.  Please check back soon, thank you..

Sinvention Silicone Ball Gag

$70.00 CAD
Sinvention gags bring a new and healthy twist to an old style. Our silicone balls are handmade using FDA approved food grade silicone. These balls are safe, odourless, tasteless and non-toxic. Balls are 1.75" in diameter and have a 1/2" center hole for the mouth strap to pass thru. Originally issued with a soft, sewn leather mouth strap (as shown) ..

Extreme Silicone O Ring Gag

$64.95 CAD
A sexy, high end alternative for bondage and fetish enthusiasts, the Silicone O-Ring Gag is a luxurious version of a classic play tool that very effectively keeps the submissive partner quiet and cooperative by filling the mouth, keeping the tongue in check and mouth open wide. Comprised entirely of odorless, tasteless medical grade 100% sili..

Inflatable Butterfly Gag

$99.95 CAD
Seems as if your sub needs to be nice and quiet; this butterfly gag will help you silence them. Place the gag into their mouth, and let them know that they are going to be quiet for a while. If they have even the slightest bit of disbelief, start squeezing the pump. The gag will inflate inside of their m..

Purple Silicone Ball Gag with Snake Print Strap

$59.95 CAD
Hailing from the bondage geniuses at Spartacus, this perfect combination of snake print microfiber, genuine leather and taste free silicone puts a luxurious spin on a favourite piece of play gear. Very effectively restraining the wearer (orally, at least!) the Purple Silicone Ball Gag silences sound and discourages spitting, biting and ot..

Ratchet Style Jennings Gag with Strap

$139.95 CAD
This high quality medical device is used by dentists and doctors to keep the mouths of their patients open during procedures. The hinge has a ratcheting feature that securely holds the gag open once you set it into place. Just press the lever to easily close the gag. A twist on our classic Jennings Gag, our newest version has a black rubber..

Silicone Breathable Gag in Small

$69.95 CAD
A gorgeous, excitingly effective submissive staple with classic breathable styling and all the silky smoothness of elite silicone, Fetish Fantasy Extreme from Pipedream presents a luxurious version of the Ball Gag that's suited to any level of playful experience.  Comprised entirely of odorless, tasteless medical grade 100% silicone, righ..

Stainless Steel Dental Mouth Gag

$69.95 CAD
High quality brushed stainless steel dental retractor mouth gag with ratcheting lock mechanism to hold the mouth open. Allows for full access to the mouth and throat. This is not a low cost electroplated toy. It's the real thing. Meets CE (European) requirements for metal safety. Made by Rimba in The Netherlands...
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