Penis Gag with Leather Straps

Penis Gag with Leather Straps

$115.00 CAD
Brand: Sinvention
Product Code: 1097

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Made by Sinvention in Canada

This Silicone Penis gag will present a different trip for each person based on how they feel about having a big dick stuck in their mouth. Made from high platinum quality silicone right here at Sinvention Silicone Studios. The penis is a mouthful at 2 1/2 inches long and 5" in circumference. 

The Locking Leather Straps will hold this gag in its place and can be locked in place. The length of the straps are measuring  21 inches from one side of the gag to the other.

Phallic Colours:
Red, Purple, and Black

Handmade by Sinvention in Canada
Includes a Lifetime Warranty*

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