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On Natural Arousal Oil

$34.95 CAD
Thousands of women have tried it, and they all have the same thing to say...  "To describe it to men, the easiest way to understand it would be like putting a weak 9-volt battery on the tip of your tongue. And it’s all natural?!"  Other female arousal products function on menthol, or vaso-dilators (such as L-Arginine). We use neither. "On” uses b..

12 Volt Clitoral Stimulant

$29.95 CAD
An exciting, ultra stimulating gel that (very!) noticeably intensifies clitoral sensation, System Jo's 12 Volt Clitoral Stimulant works by triggering nerve endings and sensory receptors in the skin- some users report feeling an actual buzz, no vibrator required! Simply apply a small amount to the clitoris and gently massage- either yourse..

Adventure Anal Relaxing Serum

$39.95 CAD
Helping to relax the anal area in anticipation penetration play, Adventure Anal Relaxing Serum from Intimate Earth makes great use of predominately natural ingredients- this silky gel contains absolutely no numbing or anesthetic agents. A blend of certified organic including extracts of clove, goji berry, aloe and lemongrass help gently soothe the..

BOLD Delay Gel For Him

$24.95 CAD
Gently and effectively desensitizing trigger-happy areas of the male penis, Sensuva's Bold Delay Gel easily reduces over-stimulation, resulting in a much longer ride. Formulated without harsh numbing ingredients and made nice and thick to fully cover desired areas, Bold glides pleasurably over tip and shaft. 1oz/29mL..


$24.95 CAD
Colt is the product to really retard ejaculation, it is a very efficient male genital desensitizer. Colt comes in the form of a liquid spray and it’s especially made to control men premature ejaculation and extend the act of love making. Just spray 3 to 5 times around the penis’s head and on the back of the penis’s head. Colt fights again hypersens..

Embrace Tightening Pleasure Serum

$29.95 CAD
A silky gel created using predominately natural ingredients, Intimate Earth's Tightening Pleasure Serum works to gently enhance the inner embrace.Blending certified organic extracts, natural capsicum and aloe, Embrace inspires a thrillingly snug sensation, intensifies inner warmth and creates an overall 'closer' sensation for both mates..

Erection Cream by Blue Bunny

$19.95 CAD
Blue Bunny awakens the penis and it is designed to increase and stimulate the erection of the man. Blue Bunny supports a better blood circulation in the penis, makes it more receptive to the slightest friction and gives the man a revival of youth. 15ml (5oz)Apply a thin layer to the penis 20 minutes before intercourse.  Make sure th..

Foria Awaken Arousal Oil With CBD & Kava

$79.95 CAD
Foria Awaken is a 100% natural arousal oil crafted with a fragrant, silky blend of plant-based aphrodisiacs. Massaged into the vulva, Foria’s eight whole-plant botanical extracts & essential oils activate nerves and bloodflow to boost arousal and sensation.  Best used as a pre-lube. Natural Arousal Oil with CBD & Kava The first..

Happy Hiney Anal Comfort Cream

$24.95 CAD
A silky smooth cream formulated to help relax the anal opening in readiness for penetration, Sensuva's Happy Hiney Anal Comfort Cream contains no harsh numbing agents, just gentle, effective ingredients that deliver a subtle and soothing warming sensation.To use, simply apply a small amount to a fingertip and massage thoroughly around the..

Intense Clitoral Arousal Serum

$34.95 CAD
Containing a very special blend of peppermint oil, goji fruit extract and witch hazel, Intimate Earth's Intense Clitoral Gel greatly intensifies sensation to the be-all-end-all of female sweet spots.Naturally drawing blood to the clitoris, awakening nerve endings and enhancing sensitivity during sex, foreplay and self-love, Intense works ..

Jo Natural Prolonger Gel for Him

$29.95 CAD
Maximize pleasure with JO® PROLONGER GEL, a regular strength gel that uses natural numbing ingredients to slow the onset of ejaculation. The addition of peppermint oil is designed to enhance the prolonging effect while also providing a natural plumping sensation. Perfect to use during solo-play and foreplay, this gel offers a more thrilling applica..

MAX Arousal Extra Strength Pleasure Gel

$39.95 CAD
Crank up the pleasure dial with new arousal gel.  Its fat acting and goes to work intensifying sensitivity while catapulting you to extreme heights of pleasure.  The cooling sensation promotes heightened senistivity and the gel helps increase blood flow for enhanced arousal. This is a super-smooth arousing gel enhanced with a tingly hint of mint ..

MAX Vitality Stamina Cream

$39.95 CAD
A daily-use, penis enhancing formula from Classic Erotica, MAX Vitality Stamina Cream helps support erection for better sexual performance, maximized penis volume and firmer, longer lasting erections by increasing blood circulation.  This cream has a natural cinnamon-mint aroma. To apply, massage a generous amount over the penis until fully..

ON Ultra natural Arousal Oil

$34.95 CAD
An electrifying blend of pleasurably proprietary essential oils, ON for Her is a fantastic female enhancer that arouses THE sweet spot, sparks orgasmic nerve endings and immeasurably expands stimulation potential.Voted #1 female arousal product by a panel of seasoned testers, ON is unique in it's vibrating, buzzing sensation that's deli..

Prolonger Male Genital Desensitizing Spray

$29.95 CAD
JO® Prolonger Spray with Lidocaine is an intimate delay spray, designed to enhance endurance by temporarily prolonging the time until ejaculation. It is a fast acting, quick drying spray that is easy to use. Find the right application for you; last longer and climax together. Lidocaine works by reducing nerve sensitivity which helps impro..
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