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Base for Plume Bridle Headpiece

$45.00 CAD
Another Sinvention original design!  Works perfectly with all our pony bridles or you can easily adapt it to your own.  The Leather padded base is comfortable on the head and features a screw mount to be used with one of our feather plumes.  The base also features snap keeper straps for easy on/off with out taking apart your headstal..

Connected Leather Riding Reins

$75.00 CAD
Two 4 foot reins connected at the ends for one handed control. English bridle leather with hand finishing. Made to last and feel good in a handlers grip!AVAILABLE COLOURS:Black, Red, Bright Pink, Medium Brown, OxBlood or TanThis item is handmade per order in small batch production runs that sell out quickly.  Generally construction/lead time on thi..

Feather Plume for Bridles

$65.00 CAD
The Premium Plumes we have selected to offer our customers are Handcrafted in the USA using only domestic feathers. This style uses dyed American turkey feathers. This is an 8" tall plume that incorporates a standard screw mount that works with our leather base (not included). This product offers you the option to add other colours of plumes to you..

Handcrafted Leather Pony Bit

$75.00 CAD
This pony bit gag is easy to take with its slim diameter as compared to our rubber bit gag.  Heavy bridle leather is formed, sewn into a round then hand finished.  Comes standard with 1 1/2" diameter side rings, a perfect spot to clip your reins to (reins sold seperately). Fits a 14" to a 21" circumference. Padlock not included Mouth Ce..

Large Point Bridle with Jewels

$175.00 CAD
Rhinestones add some sparkle to your pretty ponygirl or boy. Features a pointed 3/4" wide brow band and chinstrap with 5 rhinestones and also includes standard sized removable pointed blinders with rhinestones (custom oversized blinders shown). Fits a very wide range of head sizes. Constructed of Fine English Bridle leather. Hand finished round and..

Leather Riding Reins for Ponies

$75.00 CAD
Simple and classic split style reins. This set consist of two 3/4" wide 48" long reins with chrome plated scissor snaps at one end. These English bridle leather reins are expertly hand finished and complete our pony bridle set for the show ring.  Intended to be used as a set of reins but are also very effective as a slapper with a bite for unruly H..

Pony Bridle w/ Pyramids and Spots

$175.00 CAD
Your Human pony will be thrilled with this 1" wide bridle.  Features a repeating spot and pyramid pattern of adornment on both the brow and blinders. Includes matching blinders (custom oversized blinders shown) the actual included blinders are approx. 1.5 inches shorter. It fits a very wide range of head sizes from petite to pumpkin. The straps in ..

Pony Bridle with Rhinestones

$165.00 CAD
Made by Sinvention in Canada. Includes a Lifetime Warranty.Full customization available upon request. A beautiful 3/4" wide strap Human pony bridle that will fit a very wide range of sizes equally well. This bridle features rhinestones across the browband.  Included are our paddle style removable blinders. Every ponygirl and ponyboy will look..

Round Bridle Removable Blinders

$175.00 CAD
This bridle features a brow with a rounded top and removable blinders. The straps are 3/4" wide. Handcrafted with attention to detail using 8oz. to 10oz. Fine English Bridle leather. Rounded and dyed edges add detail and comfort for the wearer. This bridle comes standard with our locking buckles.This bridle will also accommodate a plume and base an..

Scalloped Bridle ADJ Blinders

$150.00 CAD
*ADJ =AdjustablePony girls and boys will love their new look. Crafted with a lovely Scalloped brow featuring, fancy silver screws and square adjustable blinders. Leather tuck loops keep all the straps neat and tidy. Comes with our standard locking buckle or non-locking roller buckle as shown.  Slide the chin strap to any position then easily add an..

Small Point Pony Bridle with Spots

$175.00 CAD
Premium 3/4" wide bridle with removable pointy blinders offers comfort and easy sizability.  Hand finished 8 oz. to 10 oz. English Bridle Leather. Fits a very wide range of sizes. Shown with optional feather plume with removable base and interchangeable pony ears. AVAILABLE COLOURS:Black, Red, Bright Pink, Medium Brown, OxBlood or Tan OPTIONS: F..

Straight 1" Brow Bridle Blinders

$175.00 CAD
Premium 1" wide bridle with paddle blinders for your ponygirl or ponyboy offers a wider strap for a more bold look.  Hand-finished 8 oz. to 10 oz. English Bridle Leather with matching tuck loops to keep everything neat and tidy. Comes standard with locking buckles. Fits a very wide range of sizes. Shown with optional feather plume with removable ba..

V-Brow Bridle w/ Adj Blinders

$150.00 CAD
*Adj=Adjustable Your pony will look great in this 3/4" wide BDSM Leather Pony headstall. Crafted with a lovely V-Brow, fancy silver screws and square removable blinders. Leather tuck loops keep all the straps neat and tidy. Slide the chin strap to any position then easily add any bit and a set of reins! Fits from hat size - petite to extra large eq..

DeLuxe Lined Breeding Hobbles

$195.00 CAD
Prevent your slave from getting away quick with these super heavy duty locking ankle shackles!  Our heavy leather pony hobble extreme restraints feature locking tongue buckles and a swivel chain that is usually used to restrain livestock. Created using heavy 10 oz. English bridle leather and a two ply supple full grain lining leather. All hard..

Padded Locking Fist Mitts

$300.00 CAD
This puppy paw style Sinvention Original padded locking bondage mitt is super luxurious while also being very strong and restrictive! A very good customer of ours was looking for a bondage mitten style that was much more restrictive that other mitts he had seen for sale elsewhere.  He was hoping for a design that would absolutely prevent busy finge..
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