General Care for Leather

Proper care is essential for the life of leather. The surface of the leather we use has not been sprayed with plastic coatings as in mass produced products. To protect your investment, the leather has been treated in the tanning process with a stain repellent. We recommend that periodically your gear is cleaned with a proper cleaner and treated with a recommended protector such as Feibing’s Aussie Conditioner. This regular treatment will ensure the stain repelling properties are maintained. Natural marks and scars are proudly exhibited and there has been no attempt to conceal these hallmarks of genuine leather. Quality leather shows its natural origins in the form of healed scars and varying surface texture. These natural marks and variations distinguish true high quality leather from its imitators.
NOTE: There is an indefinite break in period with all heavy leather. Our products will achieve their ultimate WARE-ability after several uses.

Heat Sources and Direct Sunlight
Placing your leather items next to strong heat sources such as fireplaces, radiators or in direct sunlight can dry out the natural oils in the leather and cause cracking and stiffening of the leather. The ultraviolet rays in sunlight will eventually fade most natural products and leather is no exception. We recommend that all leather items be kept out of direct sunlight to protect against fading.

Sharp Objects
Should a sharp object like a buckle or a knife scratch your leather, it may be possible to disguise the mark with a felt tip pen of similar color. Test your technique on a swatch or an inconspicuous area first. Surface scratches on pure leathers often can be rubbed away with your hand. Leather repair specialists who have the capabilities to repair damages are readily available in most areas.

Aggressive Cleaning and Strong Rubbing
Gently wiping is all that the vast majority of spills require. NEVER use abrasive cleaners, oils, detergents, furniture polish or ammonia on leather. Remember that prolonged, vigorous rubbing or using a coarse colored cloth can also damage the surface.

We are leather experts who specialize in handcrafting and repairing heavy leather goods. Ware recommends that you contact us directly to discuss returning the product for repair. We reserve the right to charge for repairs and shipping on products that we believe to have been damaged by misuse or improper storing or cleaning.

We recommend that you not store your leather items in a sealed container of any kind (i.e. plastic bags, tubs or bins). Leather needs to breathe. A natural fiber bag or vented trunk is ideal.

Absolute disclaimer of liability
The purchaser acknowledges that Ware Leather Corporation ("Ware") has no control of the application, suitability or skills of the end user on any product that Ware offers. The obligation to use the product responsibly rests solely on the user and the user assumes full risk of all personal property and/or injury (including economic, personal injury, and/or injury resulting to third parties), damage and/or loss direct or indirect arising from the use, misuse or failure to determine the appropriate use of any Ware product. No product made by/for Ware is to be used for safety or institutional applications. All items are sold as novelty only and Ware makes no warranties as to fitness of purpose other than for novelty use. Any and all claims, actions, suits or disputes relating to the sale of, or resulting from the use (appropriate or otherwise), of Ware products (including without limitation any and all claims by end users or third parties) are governed exclusively by the laws of the Province of Ontario in the Country of Canada and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Ontario, Canada.