Bridle Leather Paddle - 15 Inch

Bridle Leather Paddle - 15 Inch

$105.00 CAD
Brand: Sinvention
Product Code: 4011

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We craft this paddle using two layers of 12oz. to 14oz. Bridle leather. That makes for almost 7/16" thick of vegetable tanned heavy leather.  We also add some snap with a flexible steel insert.  Offering more coverage and contact to the buttocks - our medium sized paddle is the most popular size that we sell.  This is a serious implement. Shown with classic black stitching but you can also choose red, blue, purple or white.
HANDMADE FOR YOU AS PER ORDER - Production lead time is approx. 6 -10 weeks.
* Possible longer lead times if your order is large, includes custom items, during busy seasons or store wide sales.
MADE IN CANADA by Mother of Sinvention and Father James
* Includes a Lifetime Warranty.

"Good things come to those who wait - thank you for your patience while we handcraft your order!"
~ Mother of Sinvention

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