Pulp Fetish-Fred Berger 2007 Hardcover

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Pulp Fetish

Inspired by the pulp comic books of the 1950s, Fred Berger launched Propaganda magazine in 1982. Primarily dealing with fetish fashion, it was classified as a porn magazine, stuck on the top shelf and died a lingering death due to lack of sales. Now Berger revives the concept in the weird and utterly wonderful Pulp Fetish. Take the baked beans and custard out of Splosh! and replace them with gimp masks and toy guns and you get pulp fetish - gorgeous girls playing kinky dressing-up games and loving every silly second of it. The scenarios all have that classic 'stop it, I might like this' vibe as the sub is captured and 'tortured' by the dom, and the scenes are played out with a range of goofy expressions and kitsch accessories which all add to the fun. It's a riot of cowboys and Indians, Samurai warriors, pirates, Nazis and Barbarella-esque space vixens, but the cheekiest strip sees a graffiti artist being nabbed by one of the NYPD's finest and being subjected to a range of indignities, many of which involve a traffic cone... Fred Berger is truly a one-off in the world of fetish photography, and more power to his elbow for that!

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