All in One Unscented Massage Glide

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All in One Unscented Massage Glide

Do you like to give/get massages? Did you get a new tattoo? Do you need a skin conditioner? Do you need lubricant for when your situation becomes more intimate? Ever wonder why you cannot find a product that could do a multitude of functions? A product that could take care of all these situations? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could? JO had this question as well, and they did something about it. JO developed: JO ALL in ONE SENSUAL MASSAGE GLIDE, PERSONAL LUBRICANT, SKIN / TATTOO CONDITIONER. This silicone based ALL in ONE will take care of your requirements in one session.

JO ALL in ONE is silky smooth and long lasting. 1 drop of ALL in ONE equals 10 to 15 drops of other massage oils and lasts 10 times longer. This ALL in ONE is latex friendly, odorless, tasteless, never sticky or tacky and is clear. Your partner takes care of dinner you set the mood. What more can a person ask for?

JO uses nothing but the finest pharmaceutical grade ingredients and is backed by an OTC drug licence from the FDA. JO is ISO certified and is a USDA certified organic manufacturer.

  • Silicone based massage liquid and sexual lubricant
  • Designed to be used as not only a massage oil but also a personal lubricant
  • Formulated with pharmaceutical grade body safe silicone
  • Ideal skin moisturizer for sensitive skin and allergies
  • Skin healing and soothing properties to leave your skin smooth and supple
  • Ultra smooth and slick to your sensual touch
  • Ideal use for vaginal dryness
  • Perfect for use by both women and men
  • Safe for all types of sex
  • The unscented formula will not distract you or your lover
  • Latex and condom friendly
  • Should not be used with silicone toys or accessories
  • One drop of this liquid equals up to 15 drops of typical massage oils
  • Great to use as a tattoo conditioner and healer
  • The long lasting formula will last your entire session
  • 4oz / 120 ml Bottle

Directions: Apply small amount of JO ALL in ONE massage Glide over the body for a silky smooth massage. Use more IF needed. Compatible with latex condoms. May be applied to genital areas as lubricant.

Ingredients (INCL): Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclotetrasiloxane, Dimethiconol, Dimethicone

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