Contour Package Lifting C-Ring

Contour Package Lifting C-Ring

$59.95 CAD
Brand: Sinvention
Product Code: 7014B

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Contour Package Lifting C-Ring

We've redesigned our ever popular Package Lifting Cock Strap to be easier to use, more comfortable and will make your bulge appear even bigger under your clothes.  It's like a push up bra for your testicles and penis.  The new contour shape is even more comfortable than before.  We've leather lined the base of the cock ring with soft calf skin and re-positioned the secure snaps for further ease of use and comfort.  The narrow part of the contour goes back behind the testicles and the flared larger area is the "shelf" for the balls and penis.  Your body heat will warm the leather nicely and it will subtly take the shape of your body.

Fits a wide range of men.  To find your fit, use a soft tape measure and place it next to your body.  Measure around both your penis and testicles (a snug fit) to find the circumference.

This cock strap will fit circumferences 4.25", 5.25", 6.75" and 7.25 on the largest fit.

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