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Saffron Flogger

$49.95 CAD $59.95 CAD
If you're a fan of young Brad Pitt (so, a majority of us, probably), odds are high that  you've seen Legends of the Fall. Yes, untamed wilderness, grizzly bears, bootleggers and avengement are all very thrilling, but you might be even more thrilled by the Saffron Flogger's fall. You could even call this classic bondage play piece leg..

Short Suede Flogger - Black

$49.95 CAD
When you just want a little something to keep things in line, this small, soft leather flogger is just the ticket! Nicely weighted handle with soft and sensual suede falls. Length is 13 3/4 inches (35 cm). Made in The Netherlands by Rimba..

Silicone 22" Rubber Whip Flogger

$54.95 CAD
A full length, excitingly swishy whip capable of tickly teasing as well as delightfully stinging strokes, Sportsheet's Rubber Whip in black represents the ultimate in bdsm versatility and sensual play. Many soft and flexible rubber strands swing from a sturdy handle designed to provide precision placement- drag the tails along a mate's skin to igni..

Black Silicone Whip with Strings and Beaded Handle

$29.95 CAD
This smooth silicone whip is loaded with tons of thin silicone strings and a comfortable beaded handle. Great low price and highly portable with a length of 15 inches...

Leather Flogger w/ Wrapped Handle 35cm

$49.95 CAD
SOLD OUT UNTIL FURTHER NOTICEOver 25 strings of spanking pleasure on the end of this simple and classy flogger whip. The handle is wrapped with leather and has a wrist loop on the end. Measures just under 14 inches...

Black Flogger Whip Braided Handle

$89.95 CAD
Black Flogger Whip Braided HandleRimba Bondage Play short whip or flogger made of suede leather. This whip has a loop at the braided handle and has a total length of 50 cm long. This whip has 45 strands of 34 cm...

Braided Cat o nine tails

$129.95 CAD
Whether you're just adding to your Renaissance Pirate costume, or you really want to get a message across, this is the flogger for you! Soft braided leather is the star in this new take on the classic "cat o nine tails."90CM (3ft) ..

Brat Flogger

$29.95 CAD
Sure, some of us like a softer touch when it comes to whipping or being whipped, but others (brats!) might have earned some sting. Inspired by the beloved cat-'o-nine tails, the Sex & Mischief Brat Flogger classic whip will leave an impression, for sure.Whether you're directing vegan leather strands of pleasurable sensation to your pa..

Electric pink Flogger Whip SMALL

$49.95 CAD
Hot pink and black leather flogger whip is a great addition to your sexy pirate costume, or just a little something for your “toy box!” Whip 13.75 inches (35 cm) in length...

Icicles No. 38 Hand Blown Glass Flogger

$94.95 CAD
A breathtakingly gorgeous, amazingly functional flogger from the hand-blown Icicles collection, the Glass Whip will satisfy even the most discerning connoisseurs of pleasure combined with pain. This lush whip features a heavy, supple 18 inch fall of leather tresses, leather is a coveted material in sensual play for very good reason, everything abo..

Leather Flogger in Pink

$109.95 CAD
We're betting on at least two possible responses when setting eyes on this classic black whip from Rouge. The first possibility: NO WAY! The second: Heck yes! If you're in the second category, you'll most likely love the serious, no-nonsense look and all the stinging sensation potential the Leather Flogger offers. If you're in the 'no way..

Mustang Horse Tail Whip

$59.95 CAD $89.95 CAD
The longest tail horse whip available; 30'' (76cm) for the hair and 18'' (46cm) for the braided leather handle... a total length of 48'' (94cm). The Mustang Discipline offers you a form of softness in submission and discipline. Let its hair glide smoothly over the skin and bring the shivers, or go a little stronger to create more compellin..

Pink Silicone Whip with Strings and Beaded Handle

$29.95 CAD
This smooth silicone whip is loaded with tons of thin silicone strings and a comfortable beaded black handle. Great low price and highly portable with a length of 15 inches...

Purple Leather Whip with Metal Handle

$69.95 CAD
This sleek purple whip features a shiny metal handle with detachable retaining bracelet. It is 52cm (20.5 inches) long and has a large amount of leather strings for spanking pleasure...

Rouge Suede Flogger Black & Purple

$109.95 CAD
Love the sound of a whip slicing through the air? If yes, you're going to absolutely adore this big, completely classic Suede Flogger from Rouge. Although it definitely has the potential for pleasurable pain, the ultra-versatile Suede Flogger can also feel light as a feather- it all depends on the person wielding it! The long tails f..
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