Rouge Suede Flogger Black & Purple

Rouge Suede Flogger Black & Purple

$109.95 CAD
Brand: Rouge
Product Code: 5060363861200

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Love the sound of a whip slicing through the air? If yes, you're going to absolutely adore this big, completely classic Suede Flogger from Rouge. 

Although it definitely has the potential for pleasurable pain, the ultra-versatile Suede Flogger can also feel light as a feather- it all depends on the person wielding it! The long tails flex and swish, they'll tickle and tease with a soft stroke and flick and bite with a harder one. In either case, control is easy, the Flogger fits comfortably and very securely in hand thanks to a firm leather-wrapped handle and wrist strap.

In genuine leather, the Suede Flogger with Leather Handle should be spot cleaned as needed. 

* This Flogger measures approximately 27" (68.6cm) excluding the wrist strap

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