Forta for Men Enhancing Supplement 10 Pack

Forta for Men Enhancing Supplement 10 Pack

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Forta - To help support a healthy Male Libido - 10 Capsules

Forta for Men is a new, remarkably fast acting, all natural sexual enhancement product that makes the most of your natural potential. Forta for men is part of a new generation of quick acting, long lasting and Yang tonifying products.

Once it has been consumed, an erection usually takes place within 45 minutes, and the effects may last for up to 2 to 3 days. It is made with only the purest ingredients to ensure the absolute best quality and efficiency.

Forta for Men has been developed for men looking to forta-fy their sexual performance, as well as the frequency and intensity of their sexual encounters.  Forta for Men works naturally with your body to increase the male hormone for sperm production. Forta for Men will also improve your response time, resulting in quick, strong, and more frequent erections for a forta-fied sexual performance.  Aside from these obvious benefits, For Men also boosts general physical wellness, which, along with the fatigue-banishing properties, could certainly have a very positive impact on sexual doings, not to  mention desire.

Directions for use: 
Take one or two capsules with a warm glass of water at least 45 to 60 minutes prior to any sexual activity. For best result take two hours after a meal. Do not exceed the recommended dose and do not repeat within a 24hr period.

If this is your first time taking Forta for Men, we suggest that you take two capsules. This will allow you to feel the full effect of Forta for Men, and it is the ideal way of introducing the natural blend of herbs to your system. After this initial dose one capsule moving forward will be more than sufficient.

Made In Canada

IngredientsDose per CapsuleDescription

Epimedium brevicornum

130 mg

Acts as a natural aphrodisiac for men and improves blood flow, resulting in a firmer arousal

Ophiocordyceps sinensis 120 mg Improves erectile function by increasing blood flow and circulation. Also helps to increase testosterone levels

Panax ginseng

100 mg

Reduces symptoms of erectile dysfunction and supports a firmer, longer lasting arousal

Lycium barbarum

80 mg

Helps to lower blood pressure and improve with circulation

Cinnamomum aromaticum

70 mgHelps to regulate blood pressure and improves hormone balance which leads to a boost in libido

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