Happy Rabbit LOVE Silicone Storage Case

Happy Rabbit LOVE Silicone Storage Case

$49.95 CAD
Brand: Love Honey
Product Code: 5060680313611

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Happy Rabbit LOVE Silicone Storage Case

We know how much you adore your favourite sex toy.  That perfect vibrator, dildo, stroker or butt plug bring you (and the ones you love, sometimes) lots and lots of orgasmic happiness. You take great care of them, washing them properly before and after playtime and you probably have a special drawer, box, tickle trunk etc. for them to live in. Unfortunately, even after all that work, sometimes lint, dust and other nasties can worm their way back to the surface of your toys. Oh the horror!

Lucky for you, (and unluckily for the dust bunnies), the Happy Rabbit Storage Case exists. This Love Love Love printed silicone zip-case helps keeps your toys clean and body safe, while also hiding them away from prying eyes. If you travel with your toys, the Happy Rabbit Storage Case is perfect, it's discreet and looks like a simple cosmetic bag. Add a padlock (not included) for extra security!

After washing with a good toy care fluid/foam or some good ol' warm soapy water, simply pop your vibe/dildo/plug/clamps into the bag, zip up, and store as usual.
The Happy Rabbit Storage Case Medium size measures about 10" (25.4cm) wide and 5.5" (13.9cm) tall.

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