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Lavana Kegel Ball set

Management of Pleasure and Feminine Health.  Renowned Best Choice Oriental Spheres

Lavana, the authentic oriental spheres by VIVILO, gives you the opportunity to manage your own feminine sexual health.
- Increasing your libido
- Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles
- Practical after your childbirth 
- Provoke stimulation and erection of the clitoris
- Improvement of the vaginal elasticity
- Improves stress incontinence with an optimal bladder support

Even More Advantages:
- New sensations
- Comfort and discretion
- Solidity and security
- Perfect size of 29 mm and 4 different weights
- Doctor Arnold Kegel's exercise (in the instructions booklet)
- Made of 100% silicone medical grade
- Easy exercises
- No motor, no battery works with your body movements
- Washable with water and soap
- No phthalate, no latex
- Follows you in your preliminaries
- Combine fun and easy effective health fitness
- Stimulates rectal muscles
- More intense orgasms and heightened sensations
- 5 years Guarantee (see details in the instructions booklet)

Here is what your box contains:
- One double sleeve
- One single sleeve
- One 50g sphere
- One 40g sphere
- Two 30g spheres
- One detailed english instruction booklet for total comprehension of your sexuality

Those exercises have been popularized by Dr. Arnold Kegel in 1940 and this is why you often hear Kegel exercises when Lavana oriental spheres are involved. Using your Lavana oriental spheres is the easiest and most effective way to work out your kegel exercises because your vagina is forced to react to keep the spheres in, it’s almost effortless and pleasant.

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