Leather Viper Lash

Leather Viper Lash

$90.00 CAD
Brand: Sinvention
Product Code: 4016

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A very unassuming implement that has sting!  Handcrafted  using very heavy 12 to 14oz. English Bridle Leather.  Long enough for self-flagellation or to allow for a pretty serious bite for the experienced handler.   Features a wrist loop and fancy Chicago Screw. *Not exactly as shown, now the viper lash is sewn all the way to the tip, new photo coming soon. Shown with classic black stitching but you can also choose red, blue, purple or white.

HANDMADE FOR YOU AS PER ORDER - Production lead time is approx. 4 - 8 weeks.
* Possible longer lead times if your order is large, includes custom items, during busy seasons or store wide sales.
MADE IN CANADA by Mother of Sinvention and Father James
* Includes a Lifetime Warranty.

"Good things come to those who wait - thank you for your patience while we handcraft your order!"
~ Mother of Sinvention

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