Midnight Black Face Mask

$19.95 CAD
Brand: Neva Nude
Product Code: 614608262694

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Midnight Black Face Mask

You may have noticed that masks have been trending lately, yes? While we're not crazy about the reason why so may of us are covering up these days, we're definitely crazy about our friends at Neva Nude and their unique, great-looking line of face masks. Silver linings, right?

The Midnight Black Face Mask is soft, breathable and comfy in cotton-backed black fabric. A stretchy elastic trim and elasticized ear loops helps ensure a fantastic fit over mouth, nose and chin. The Midnight Black Mask is not intended for medical use, but it will cover your mouth, nose and chin for an extra layer of possible protection.

Fits Small/Medium sized heads.  Hand wash in cold water, lay flat to dry.

* The Midnight Black Mask measures 12"/30.5cm in total, 8"/20.3cm end to end (excluding loops) and is 5.4"/13.7cm high

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