Black Leather Paddle with Red Heart

Black Leather Paddle with Red Heart

$89.95 CAD
Brand: Rouge
Product Code: 5060404812406

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A classic leather play piece that'll declare your/their love of a good spank session, this perfect Paddle from Rouge comes packing two sexy sides, one of which shows off a pretty red heart-shaped cutout. 

This manageable, lightweight tool has a nice supple feel, and it's easy to keep close with a sturdy wrist strap riveted through the base. With a good hard smack, a rosy heart may just show up on your playmates backside - flip it around to play with the smoother black side.

This Leather Paddle is definitely capable of delivering some fairly serious sting if wielded a certain way, but it's great for gentle, teasing fun, too. 

*The Leather Paddle is about 12.5"/31.8cm  long and 3.1"/7.9cm wide. Spot clean.

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